Get started with the new Bitpanda App

We are thrilled that you have discovered our new Bitpanda App. It offers you all the comfort you already know from the Web App, the only difference being that your portfolio is now always at your fingertips.

  1. You can download our new Bitpanda App at the official Google Play Store
  2. Learn how to create a Bitpanda account. If you already have a Bitpanda account, you can skip this step. You can use both the Web App and the Mobile App with one account. Please note that only one Bitpanda account per user is allowed. Learn more about double accounts
  3. If you are not verified yet, learn here how to successfully verify yourself to use the full limits
  4. Learn how to add contacts so you can send cryptocurrency to friends, family, acquaintances, and external wallets with even fewer clicks

For more information please see our Medium blog post: Introducing the Bitpanda Android App

When will the app be available for iOS/iPhone?

We currently offer the Bitpanda App for Android smartphones. Unfortunately, the app is not currently available for iPhone or iOS. When the app for iOS will be available we, unfortunately, cannot say yet.

Please understand that we cannot speak about possible new features or changes to the platform, before they have been launched successfully or we publicly announced that we are planning to do so. Furthermore, we cannot comment on any rumours concerning such matters. But rest assured that with every new important feature to the platform, our users will be informed via our blog, through our newsletter and our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Telegram).

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