Top tips on using your Bitpanda account

1. Use your registered email

  • Our customer care team is always there for you when you need assistance via our contact form.
  • To help us help you faster, please don’t forget to use the email address you registered with in the "Your email address" field.
  • Give us a little time to get back to you, and it’s best to create just one ticket for a topic to keep things speedy.

2. Stick to one account

  • Creating a second Bitpanda account is not allowed as stated in our terms and conditions. It means that we only allow one Bitpanda account per person.
  • If changes are needed for your account, don't worry about creating a new one. Instead, head over to the “My Account” section of our Helpdesk to find useful articles, or drop us a message through the contact form for assistance. We are always happy to help!

3. Verifying your account

4. Account security and scam prevention

  • The safety of your assets is our top priority! Make sure that you enable 2-Factor-Authentication on your Bitpanda account and your email.
  • Never share your login details or email credentials. Remember, many scams exist outside the secure Bitpanda environment, so be vigilant.
  • Check out our guide on spotting online scams, and don't hesitate to let us know if one of the mentioned scenarios applies to you.

5. Addressing unexpected platform behaviour

  • Experiencing issues or inconsistencies when using Bitpanda? It can be related to problems with temporary data like cache and cookies. Therefore, most issues can be resolved by clearing those from your browser or mobile app. 

6. Handling pending transactions or blocked withdrawals

  • Sometimes, transactions may not get processed immediately due to security reasons. Wait for 60 minutes and check your emails - there might be additional steps needed from you to process the transaction.